Playlist of LBC - 18.06.2021

  • 10:29 youtube Nick Ferrari - The Capital Is On Track To Face The Worst Year Of Teenage Killings In More Than A Decade, The Metropolitan Police Has Warned.
  • 09:12 youtube Nick Ferrari - Lockdown Could End Two Weeks Early If Covid Data Continues To Improve, A Govt Source Has Said.
  • 08:15 youtube Nick Ferrari - The Nhs Is Facing The Biggest Pressure In Its History From A Backlog Potentially Twice As Big As Previously Feared, Matt Hancock Has Warned.
  • 08:00 youtube Nick Ferrari - Nick Ferrari At Breakfast Is Leading Britain's Conversation.
  • 05:00 youtube Steve Allen - Steve Allen Brings You The Latest From The Newspapers As You Wake Up.
  • 02:00 youtube Darren Adam - Darren Adam Is Leading Britain's Conversation.

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