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(Note: 5/5 - 2 Voix)

Love soul radio is a non-profit Internet radio station in London. Here the best music in the styles of soul, funk, disco, house, jazz, RnB and hip-hop sounds around the clock. This music is not broadcast at commercial stations. Only true connoisseurs and experts in these musical styles are involved in radio work. Tune in to your favorite wave and enjoy music for the soul.

Format: funk, disco, house, jazz, blues, Soul.

Bitrate: 256 kbps.


Phone number: +44 7747 645909
Email: lovesoulradiolondon@mail.com
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What songs were played

  • 19:04 Daren B - Soul Heaven 030821
  • 19:02 Mather & Kingdon - Soul Night (Nigel Lowis All Night Mix)
  • 17:02 Dj Lee - Drivetime Soul Show 300721
  • 16:59 Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
  • 15:00 Neil Greaves - Big Box Of Chocolates 010821
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Top 5 songs

  1. Lsrl - Philly Sweeper01
  2. Surface - Happy
  3. David Bunce - Db Tue/Fri Breakfast Promo 2 Full Mix
  4. Victor Haynes - Less Than A Minute
  5. Lsrl - Philly Friday Ad With Voice

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