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(Note: 5/5 - 1 Voix)
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Slogan: "The home of real Soul music!"

Soul Central Radio is the go-to station for Soul lovers of all ages. Let our popular DJ’s spin you music from across the globe or tune in for our morning shows. Whether you need something great to listen to on your way to work, or you refuse to miss, Soul Central Radio provides listeners with hours of pure entertainment.

Genre: Soul.

Bitrate: 128 kbps.

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What songs were played

  • 09:04 Soul Central Radio - Live
  • 07:58 Soul Central Radio - Live
  • 07:56 The Jones Girls - Knocking [igf]
  • 07:51 The Live Band - A Chance For Hope [i2a]
  • 07:47 Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love [i9l]
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Top 5 songs

  1. 1 Advert - Advert [iei]
  2. 2 Rene And Angela - Secret Rendevous [i9t]
  3. 3 Loose Ends - Dial 999 [i9y]
  4. 4 Bobby Thurston - Very Last Drop [i8i]
  5. 5 Cheryl Lynn - Shake It Up Tonight [i93]

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