About radio

BBC Cambridgeshire is a local radio station based in East of England and reaching 67,000 listeners each week. Listen to music from a variety of genres, plus unique opinions and the latest news and interesting guests. Airing shows and scheduled programs with famous hosts, one of them is Farzana Chaudry, she offers alternative soundtracks on Monday evenings with a vintage Bollywood atmosphere with cheerful laughter and conversations.

Slogan: "The sound of Cambridgeshire, and all the music you love"

Format: news, talk, pop music.

First air date: 1 May 1982

City: Cambridge

Owner: BBC

Broadcast area: Cambridgeshire


BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Cambridge 96.0 FM
  • Huntingdon DAB: 12D
  • Peterborough 95.7 FM