About radio

BBC Radio Wales Extra is a national radio station from Welsh (Cardiff), owned by BBC, founded on 13 November 1978 and reaching 321,000 listeners each week. On air you can listen to news, sports and entertainment also the weekend breakfast program with Claire Summers, as well as daytime shows with Lynn Bowles and Roy Noble.

Format: news, pop music, sport, entertainment.

First air date: 13 November 1978

City: Cardiff

Owner: BBC

Broadcast area: Wales


BBC Radio Wales broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Dalmellington 92.7 FM
  • Wick 94.5 FM
  • Cardiff DAB: 12C
  • Conwy DAB: 12D
  • Dumbarton 92.7 FM
  • Alexandria 92.7 FM
  • Dundee 92.7 FM
  • Isle of Skye 92.9 FM
  • Newport DAB: 12C
  • Swansea DAB: 12A, 12D

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