LBC London

LBC London

(Note: 4.4/5 - 13 Voix)

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  • 00:00 Darren Adam - Darren Adam Is Leading Britain's Conversation.
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Top 5 songs

  1. 1 Steve Allen - Steve Allen Brings You The Latest From The Newspapers As You Wake Up.
  2. 2 Darren Adam - Darren Adam Is Leading Britain's Conversation.
  3. 3 James O'brien - James O'brien Is Leading Britain's Conversation.
  4. 4 Eddie Mair - Eddie Mair Is Leading Britain's Conversation.
  5. 5 Shelagh Fogarty - Shelagh Fogarty Is Leading Britain's Conversation.

About radio

Genre: news, talk.

Bitrate: 128 kbps

Frequency: 97.3 FM DAB: England, Wales and Northern Ireland 11 D, Scotland 12 A

LBC (London Broadcasting Company) is the first independent news radio from UK. The first broadcast was in early October 1973. Today the station is owned by Global. It is broadcast throughout the country in the format of digital broadcasting DAB, and in London also at a frequency of 97.3 FM. Every week, more than two million listeners listen online to the radio.

Slogan: Leading Britain's Conversation

First air date: 8 October 1973


Address: 30 Leicester Square WC2H 7LA, London, England, United Kingdom
Phone number: 0345 60 60 973
Text: 84850
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Programs and presenters
1am - 4am
Darren Adam
4am - 7am
Steve Allen
7am - 10am
Nick Ferrari
10am - 1pm
James O'Brien
1pm - 4pm
Shelagh Fogarty
4pm - 6pm
Eddie Mair
6pm - 7pm
Nigel Farage
6pm - 7pm
Rachel Johnson
7pm - 10pm
Iain Dale
7pm - 10pm
Andrew Pierce
1am - 5am
Matt Stadlen
5am - 7am
Best Of Steve Allen
7am - 10am
Andrew Castle
10am - 12pm
Matt Frei
10am - 12pm
Nigel Farage
12pm - 3pm
Maajid Nawaz
3pm - 6pm
Ian Payne
6pm - 10pm
Clive Bull
10pm - 1am
Tom Swarbrick
10pm - 1am
Nick Abbot

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