Greatest Hits Wigan and St Helens is an independent local radio station based in Manchester. Listen with pleasure to unique compositions of various genres, mainly classical melodies, they help you relax and find peace for the whole day. On the air of a scheduled program with famous speakers, one of them is Simon Mayo, he hosts the Drivetime show, you can enjoy projects such as Dramas, Confessions, Big 45s and more.

Slogan: "The Good Times Sound Like This"

Format: classic hits.

First air date: 1 April 1997 (as Wish FM); 1 September 2020 (as GHR)

City: Wigan

Owner: Bauer Radio

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Greatest Hits Radio Wigan & St Helens broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Wigan 102.4 FM
  • St Helens 102.4 FM